Friday, July 19, 2013

Harper's Auto-Generated Enemies Lists

If you're Stephen Harper you can assume that what you consider "enemies" would include pretty much the entire membership of organizations such as the Council of Canadians.  So why would you waste time amassing enemies lists when you can force these organizations to do it for you?

This e-mail I received from the CoC neatly explains the situation:

A new federal Not-for-Profit Corporation Act (NFP Act) came into effect in 2009. Every federally incorporated not-for-profit, including the Council and all other social justice and environmental organizations, must amend their by-laws to conform to this Act by 2014.

A huge issue for everyone – and why I’m writing you today – is that under this new Act every organization must make the name and contact information, including email address, of every one of its members available to any other member on request. The NFP Act supersedes the Privacy Act. With an organization as large and open as the Council, we believe this means that information on our membership, including your contacts, could become public and available to those who might use this information to harm the Council.

Now, tell me again that we're not living in a fascist state.

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Anonymous said...

The pseudo code of repression.

For All Citizens [Corporate or Human]
If They Do Not Support Reformers
Add to Enemies List;