Friday, July 19, 2013

Not So "Incompetent" After All, Eh Rupe?

Some pictures are worth a thousand words

Now that recordings have emerged trashing Rupert Murdoch's claims that he knew nothing of his newspapers' phone hacking and police corruption, Ol' Rupe is backpeddling.  

At first he denounced the police investigation as "totally incompetent."   Now that the recording has surfaced, Murdoch has written to say that he had "used the wrong adjectives".

Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz wrote to Murdoch asking him to comment on the secret recording.
In a reply released on Thursday, Murdoch said: "I accept that I used the wrong adjectives to voice my frustration over the course of the police investigation.

"But I had been hearing for months about pre-dawn raids undertaken by as many as 14 police officers, and that some employees and their families were left in limbo for as much as a year and a half between arrest and charging decisions."

He added: "I have no basis to question the competence of the police and I and our newspapers respect the work that they do every day to protect the public.

"But I do question whether, over the last two years, the police have approached these matters with an appropriate sense of proportion, and with regard for the human cost of delay."

In a better world, the only proportions Rupe would be worried about would be when they measured him for a prison suit.


Anyong said...

Why is it unethical wealthy people get off?

The Mound of Sound said...

Well, if you're a corporate media baron it's usually because you have so much influence over the careers of politicians.