Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What, Setting Aside Money for A Rainy Day? This Is Harperland After All!

One of the first thing Sideshow Steve Harper did upon seizing the reins of power was to powerfully defund the federal government.  Clinging to the neo-con ideology that taxation is theft and that government surpluses are the fruits of that crime, Harper slashed the GST by two points... and a few years later with the onset of the 2008 Great Recession the walls came tumblin' down.   With the treasury bare, Harper had to go to the markets to borrow money for his half-assed stimulus budget.

Now the folks who run Calgary are having to rethink this rancid rightwing tax phobia.   They're wondering if they shouldn't try banking their municipal budget surpluses for a while just in case, Jeebus forbid, they get another flood of the century like the two floods of the century they received in the past eight years.

Steve Harper, being the economic Dullard-in-Chief, never understood the wisdom of the Pharoahs who maintained large graneries where they could store wheat to see their people fed in years of crop failure.   Not only did our 5-watt prime ministerial light bulb fail to see the 2008 recession barreling our way, he did it with empty pockets and had to prorogue Parliament to cover his tracks.

So please, Calgary, do set money aside because these megafloods are becoming regular events and don't emulate the dimbulb of Calgary Southwest.  Nothing good ever comes of that.


double nickel said...

It's high time Alberta instituted a PST and quit relying on federal handouts ;)

Anyong said...

Or, told the oil companies they now have to pay 80% royalities or leave the country while finding another to take over and that doesn't mean China.