Monday, July 22, 2013

Obama's Climate Change Policy a Plot Against Red States

You know, Red States - high unemployment, low education, high crime, shorter lifespans, constantly at the trough for federal handouts - those Red States.   Well, according to a "scholar" at the prestigious American Enterprise Institute, president Obama's climate change policy is a plot to redistribute wealth from dirt poor Red States to those liberal Blue States.  US News & World Report printed it so it's gotta be true.

"The president's proposals will penalize areas and industries disproportionately dependent on coal-fired power. A recent MIT study concludes that the winners will be the Pacific coast, New England and New York. The losers: the south-central and mountain states and Texas.

"The winners are states with high power costs or with significant inexpensive hydroelectric resources that would be unaffected by GHG policies. The losers are states with low energy costs driven by disproportionate use of coal-fired power. By driving power costs up in the latter group of states, the GHG policies would reduce the competitive disadvantages of the former group.

"This issue is about wealth redistribution from red states to blue, and not about carbon dioxide, which, in the Orwellian language of the left, is “carbon pollution.” It is not toxic to humans at many times current ambient concentrations. It protects plants from various environmental stresses. It is like no other effluent; for those, less is better. That is true as well for the coercion and government planning authority inherent in the Obama proposals."

Well at least the report doesn't claim that this is Obama's revenge on the south for slavery.

The author of these claims, Ben Zycher, is a veteran fossil fuel hack, something that never seems to be disclosed in his revelatory reports.  ClimateProgress gives an example of Dr. Zycher's bizarre reality.


Anonymous said...

“Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations,” says ... [Stephen] Harper.

You've gotta give the wing-nuts credit: at least they're all reading from the same script.

Lorne said...

It's always just one big leftist conspiracy with these people, isn't it, Mound? Predictable pandering to the brainless.

The Mound of Sound said...

It is shrewdly manufactured, alternate reality. The thing is they don't do it simply to be contrarian. They do it for what they get out of it, for how it serves their purposes to divide public opinion and spread fear and anger. It's a despicable thing but our Harper does it also whenever and wherever he can.

Anyong said...

A peach written by Michael Grunwald published in "Time" magazine speaks about the things Obama has done to reduce emissions than anyone else in history, but his critics on the right and left haven't noticed or a few who malign him. The piece entitled "Beyond the Keystone Pipeline" ends with this..."Obama can't force Congress to pass cap and trade. He can't force China to stop using coal. But there's no question that the tar-sands oil would significntly increase emissions, and Obama can make it significantly harder to get it out of the earth. That's something the deeds guy (Obama) can do by himself. That' how you show thwe weorld your're at war. (with pollution And that's how you win.