Monday, July 22, 2013

Of Royal Births, Past and Present.

I can imagine the lockdown in place for the birth of the next future heir to the British throne.  It must be miserable for journalists trying to be the first with the story.

When I was a pup, I went through something similar.   Only the hospital was the Ottawa Civic, the expectant royalty were Pierre and Margaret and two of the three arrived on Christmas day.  Being Christmas and all, and being young, single with no family, I was sent to the Civic to get the scoop.

Somehow I still recall the name of the Trudeaus' ob/gyn - Dr. Manny Gluck.  If memory serves, he delivered all three of the Trudeau boys.

In those days it was common for fathers to hang around in the maternity ward waiting rooms.   That seemed to offer our best chance to get inside, masquerade as a father-to-be.  Scruff up - slight beard, unwashed hair, look the part.   And then try to sneak up into the maternity ward to lay low.

The RCMP were very, very good.  Sneak up a back staircase - they were there.  Service elevator, ditto.  By the third intercept it was obvious you were marked and the game was up.  It was great fun but no joy.  Out, get out.

So I was left to huddle outside in the cold on Christmas day as the current Liberal leader came into this world.   At least the Royals have the sense to have their kid in July.

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