Friday, July 26, 2013

Weiner's Campaign Falls Limp

Face it, nobody wants a mayor they know won't be able to keep it in his pants.   Anthony Weiner, your weiner has had its last hurrah.  It's time for you and your namesake to simply go away.

The New York mayoralty candidate, once the frontrunner and apparent sure thing, has fallen well behind in the polls thanks to revelations that he's been up to his old tricks, sexting strange women online.

Weiner got caught up in this a few years back and it cost him his seat in Congress when he was forced to resign in disgrace.  He staged a comeback when he entered the race to be the next mayor of the Big Apple.  People seemed willing to forgive and forget until word got out that he's been doing the dirty talk/dirty picture thing again - with three other women.

His wife says she's forgiven him but so what, that's on her.  He says he'll never do it again but he's said that before.   Sorry, Tony, you don't get to be the mayor of the biggest town in America if you're a flasher.

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Purple library guy said...

So I know nothing about this guy except that apparently he's a weiner. But if he was the frontrunner for mayor of New York, presumably he's a rich asshole.

Now that he's not the frontrunner, I guess it's going to go to . . . a different rich asshole?