Monday, July 08, 2013

The Minister of Family Values Quits

I'll take a blonde and one of those redheads too.  

No one exemplifies the mean-spirited, in your face nature of the Harper regime than Vic Toews.   That's about to change.  The Serial Diddler is taking his Wild West moustache and heading back to Provencher, Manitoba.

Goodbye, you worthless piece of shit.


Lorne said...

Please add my name to your eviscerating assessment of that depraved and defective Mennonite, Mound.

WILLY said...

This is starting to resemble the tory routing in 93.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that 'Vic the Stick' is retiring because he wants to spend more time with his babysitter(s). And I've also heard that he is planning a joint Bangkok vacation with the Reform Party's Tom Flanagan.

Owen Gray said...

He will not be missed. But his departure does not spell "improvement."

Anonymous said...

"But [Toews] departure does not spell "improvement.""

Chris, Michelle and Candice were spotted sitting in the Parliamentary cafeteria, staring at their juice containers. The containers said 'Concentrate'.

The Mound of Sound said...

Lorne, you're in.

Willy, that seems too much to hope for. If we had a really great opposition, maybe. But I don't see either Trudeau or Mulcair really connecting with the electorate.

Owen, scraping crap off your boot is always an improvement even if you know you'll be stepping in more.

Anonymous said...

Dana said...

After a "decent interval" Vic will be a Superior Court judge for the province of Manitoba.

Where ideally the only lives he will be able to screw around with will be the lives of the citizens of the province that forced him on the rest of the federation.

Nadine Lumley said...

...not only did Vic Toews appoint Catherine Everett to the court of Queen's Bench while sleeping with her,

…. but Stephen Harper discovered this at some point during the month or so between November 26, 2006 and January 4 2007, and quietly removed Vic Toews from the position of Justice Minister.,1

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, indeed, Ottawa's gain will be Provencher's loss but, then again, they have it coming. They kept electing the son of a bitch.

Nadine, I recall reading that Toews also got Everett her first appointment to the Manitoba provincial court while he was the province's AG.

He's a prince of a guy, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Mound 2:10 Isn't that what 99% of men in postion of power do? Put women in positions of power especially those they have slept with?

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't know about that, Anon. I have known many successful women in positions of power and those I've known have gotten there on demonstrated ability.

the salamander said...

.. examine Toews and his personal/political arc closely ..

.. so that the next person to hold his position as a public servant is a positive, exemplary mirror (opposite) image..

.. the same holds true for political carp, lickspittles & buffoons such as Harper, Oliver, Kent, Ashfield, Mackay, Moore, Fantino, Ritz et al ..

.. Canada deserves and requires exemplars .. Not failures, liars, incompetents, frauds and ignorant sellout yes men/women.

.. Imagine if our servicemen and women, our scientists, our teachers, our firefighters, our farmers, our First Nations, our biologists, our artists were complete and phony frauds like our current cowardly MP's, their party, the PMO, the Prime Minister .. ?

If that were the case.. there would be nobody to save us from our naked emperor and his fawning, flawed loutpack and the corporations & nations that took them all captive.

Your last sentence.. said it all ..
and could be applied to the entire seething oily Harper pack/party/PMO .. of un-Canadian, twisted, vicious, mean, grasping, cheating and cowardly hypocritical scumbags ..

How the hell did we end up with bitumen green froth, egg sucking evangelical liars, incapable of fiscal capability or transparency ? As our current government ?

Fer gawds sake can they not do the decent thing and just do a colossal, collective konservative buffalo jump into the river behind our parliament buildings ?

Scotian said...

You do excrement a disservice by that comparison, it at least provides a useful function/service for humans, which is more than I am comfortable claiming of good old Vic Toews here. As much as I loathe Harper and fought his rise to power and his continued use of it as PM, it was because of his political beliefs and methods and not because he personally weirded me out. Toews though on top of all that came off like one of the creepiest, most disturbed and disturbing personalities I'd ever seen in politics, indeed anywhere come to think on it, he had all of the vices of the worst kinds of politicians with none of the virtues. It cannot but be a better political environment with his removal from it, even within the cesspool that is our current government and governing party.

Seriously though, calling him a worthless piece of shit insults shit IMHO.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Sal. I agree with you. I have watched Toews with great curiosity. Long ago I began that he's a man of sharply limited intellect which accounts for his attraction to fiercely partisan ideology. The policies he produced were usually poorly thought out, certainly from a lawyer's perspective. His was a one dimensional, two maximum, world and it skewed his perception.

If Toews is appointed to a senior bench I doubt he'll last long. He won't be able to tolerate being routinely overturned on appeal.

@ Scotian. I have taken your censure to heart and just went out into the backyard to apologize to my dog's lawn chocolates.

Scotian said...


Good, they deserved it...what's really killing me saying that is I'm not entirely joking...*SIGH*.

I've never wanted to feel like this towards anyone, even politicians, the way this Harper CPC regime has caused me feel. I used to be able to respect my political foes/opponents, these days though I have a real hard time with that where both ends of the political spectrum are concerned at the federal level, if for somewhat different focuses still the same underlying reason, their belief in their own rectitude and nobility against those of us unwilling/unable to see their one true way as the saving path they believe it to be despite what reality might say/prove otherwise.