Friday, July 19, 2013

Revenge of the Blackfish

A documentary, Blackfish, opening today at the Toronto International Film Festival focuses on what marine "parks" around the world, like the GTA's MarineLand, are inflicting on their captive orcas and how, after years of basically being left in a bathtub, some orcas take their revenge.

Sorry but I'm with the orca on this one.   Leave them in the ocean with their pods where they belong.  It's disgraceful that the people and government of Ontario allow these creatures to be incarcerated for an abbreviated life in horrible conditions.


Anyong said...

It's the Disney Land effect. There seems to be to areas of thought...all animals are here for our use without any thought for their enviromental lifestyle and, "Oh they are so cute". I'm with you on this.

the salamander said...

.. did you ever get a chance to peruse 'Diamond Walker' ? The novel is set to a great extent in the meridian of your island .. water, sky, land .. & you may discover creatures black n white that only belong in the ocean ..

The novel and a sequel, 'Hunter Walker' are under revision to ensure the Harper Government attacks on Canada's environment makes it into the realm of popular fiction ...

But then again .. truth is stranger than fiction ..
Who would have believed the atrocity of this government
The sanctimonious deceit, denial, deception.. fraud, litigation and suppression of truth ?

karen said...

Yup. Me too. It makes me ill to think how devastating it must be to a creature to be torn from its home and social group. Honestly, what we do in the name of our entertainment and scientific research makes me not care very much whether humans manage to extinct ourselves.