Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Loyal Soldier Snubs Peter MacKay's Handout

The Harper government is reneging on a promise to Canada's wounded veterans. That's what happens when the shooting dies down and there's no more political capital to be wrung from their shot up bodies.

Gravely injured troops are being booted from the military before they qualify for a pension, despite assurances to the contrary from the Harper government.
A former reserve combat engineer was let go last Friday on a medical discharge after begging for months to remain until hitting the 10-year mark.
Among those also leaving is Cpl. Glen Kirkland. His plea to remain in the army last June was answered by former defence minister Peter MacKay with an a pledge he could stay until September 2015 — and that no members are released until they are ready.
But the offer turned out to be exclusive to Kirkland, who chose within the last few days to leave rather than be given special treatment.
"I joined as a member of a team, as a family," Kirkland said in an interview from Shilo, Man.
"So, when I was offered an opportunity when no one else was, it just goes against everything I joined for."
He will be formally discharged in March.
As if you needed another reason to despise our treacherous Harper regime.


Elliott Taylor said...

Thank you for your service Cpl. Glen Kirkland, and for your most excellent example for all Canadians, and for demonstrating greater integrity than your government.

double nickel said...

He's on As It Happens right now.

the salamander said...

.. you're on fire right now ..
every essay bang on .. direct hit.

I picked this one for my brief comment & compliment
and thanks, for your timely Canadian & human story.

I'll take Canadian glowing heart exemplars any day
over dull, dead heart political jackals & pretenders

Thank you Cpl. Glen Kirkland ..
and your brave comrades ..
For your courage, your sacrifices .. your actions

I hold you in the highest esteem ..
No .. we.. hold you in our highest esteem

astone said...

Cpl. Glen Kirkland, a true Hero! He is the kind of person who used to make me proud to be a Canadian. I want to be proud again.