Thursday, October 31, 2013

Over to You, Toronto

Looks like it's Rob Ford Day today.  I'll say this for him.  Rob Ford is the only person who has ever made me feel sorry for Toronto.

What's the difference between Ford and Harper?  Crack and waistline, apparently.


Anonymous said...

That particular comment has me thinking more along the lines of Ed the Sock.

I could say the idiots they keep as friends, and tendencies to make Ferengi look progressive.

deb said...

Rob Ford....he should have just went to rehab. He lingered and lied...and that was a big mistake. He is a buffoon.

Elliott Taylor said...

Rob Ford seems to be in denial and until he confronts his addiction he will only get worse. What an odd thing to say about the mayor of Canada's largest city. It is one of those "I thought I'd seen it all" moments.