Wednesday, October 09, 2013

BOMBSHELL - Harper Has Canadian Spy Agency Working for Energy Giants

Canada's energy giants (which probably aren't particularly Canadian) get concierge service from the federal government's spy agency.   The same outfit that was uncloaked for spying on Brazil is also giving top-level access to energy producers.

 According to freedom of information documents obtained by the Guardian, the meetings - conducted twice a year since 2005 - involved federal ministries, spy and police agencies, and representatives from scores of companies who obtained high-level security clearance.

Meetings were officially billed to discuss "threats" to energy infrastructure but also covered "challenges to energy projects from environmental groups", "cyber security initiatives" and "economic and corporate espionage" (our own?).

The most recent petro-bull session, in May, was hosted by Enbridge.  This is truly sordid, the hallmark of our decline into a corporatist, petro-state.

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