Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Jimmy Carter - Middle Class Today Resembles Poor of the Past

Former president Jimmy Carter doesn't see American middle class prospects improving in the future.


Anonymous said...

It's sad when an ex-president speaks the truth and no one seems to care.

Anonymous said...

I like how he mentioned that politics was more harmonious then. A lot of people don't draw the connection between wealth disparity and political polarization.

Having an unequal society isn't just about wealth, inequality rips the social fabric into tatters and factions and makes for a nastier more vicious, more at-war-with-itself society.

The Mound of Sound said...

You're both (assuming you're two Anons) quite right. Many Americans scorn Carter the way many did Cronkite in his final years.

I think a divided society can be engineered to suit the benefit of a small cadre. As Stiglitz has demonstrated, inequality is largely legislated, not the result of merit or market forces. A society set at "war with itself" is a society incapable of pushing back.

LeDaro said...

Carter speaks truth. Too bad they elected a 'actor cowboy' over him in 1980.