Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fossil Fueler Calls "Bullshit" On Fossil Fuelers

Ian Dunlop knows a thing or two about the fossil fuel industry and he thinks we should all know what he knows.   A former executive in Australia's coal, oil and gas industry and former chairman of the Australian Coal Association, Dunlop has gone rogue, accusing the fossil fuel industry of "stuffing up" effective action to arrest global warming.

In his own words, Dunlop challenges what he describes as "utter bullshit" from an industry that has stymied efforts to transition away from fossil fuels.

"The industry hasn't shown any leadership as it hadn't been prepared to admit what's happening.  ...when I look around the boardrooms of Australia, the UK, or US I see absolutely no recognition of the strategic implications of climate change."

"The industry used to have nation builders but now it has technocrats with a short-term focus.  Their arguments are utter bullshit.  Utter nonsense.  We have a global problem and if we all sit on our hands we'll all commit suicide together."


Lorne said...

A succinct and damning indictment of our puppet masters, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Lorne. "technocrats with short term focus" - that sounds oddly familiar, doesn't it?