Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christie Blatchford's Creepy Logic As To Why Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau Must Go.

Even for Christie Blatchford this is one for the books.   Blatchford struggles to make the case that senators Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau should quietly fall from the face of the Earth.  To make her point she begins by telling us about her booty call affair with some married chump back when she was, "young and single and not too scary naked."
Which prompted some guy going by the handle MoS to leave the following comment:
"Trust Crusty Blatchford to ignore the real issue here, the utter rot within the PMO.   As though her being 2nd Booty Call for some married guy gives her some particular standing. In my day, we used to just call that a tramp.  Sorry, Crusty, you tossed it out there."


Anonymous said...

What I find troubling is how some are so ready to change their beliefs to met narrative of the day.

At the moment, it seems that all Con fart-catchers are desperately trying to find a story that will be believable and catch on, no matter what the previous positions were.

So-called intellectuals are trying to make lies and deceit palpable.

As for Ms. Blatchford, I have no idea what she's talking about,
Maybe what's she saying is that what was not acceptable is fine? That she's had sex once? That she's a tramp? That the senators should be more whorish and shut-up now that they have received some pittance? Who nows what that loon is writing about.

Scotian said...

That was just disgusting, and I thought her commentary on the Rhetah Parsons case was sickening. I love how she totally ignored Wright's actions in all of this and puts everything on those evil Senators playing poor mr backwood naive hopeful hick Harper for a fool. I'd ask if she was serious except I have had enough exposure to her work to know that she is , at least serious in the sense that she means it, not that I find her a serious thinker let alone political commentator. If I had to choose between a steady diet of her work or Ezra Levant's, he wins in a heartbeat, because for all of his issues one can on occasion find a useful gem in the manure, I have yet to have that experience from this lady.

Even for a partisan that piece of excrement would be a bit much, for someone supposedly a respectable media commentator it is simply worse than excrement, at least you can use excrement for fertilizer, which is more than can be said for that column IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Whoa.......Is that really what she looks like?

I know I wouldn't want to see that 'married guys' wife if he thought CB was a catch.

Okay maybe I'm being superficial but her writing is as ugly as,well, as ugly as it could be..........

Jim Parrett said...

Shorter Blatch: I fucked a married man when I was younger so see, I really am wild and cool. That's why I think those unruly three senators should just roll with the vibe.

the salamander said...

.. I'm left confused.. or mebbe just 'left' ..

We have a PMO scandal.. spewing and oozing from a secretive, toxic runaway government unresponsive from top to bottom of Canada, the electorate or the citizenry they are public servants of .... and responsible to.

And this is reduced by a national journalist to some sort of 3 or 4 way tryst with a bit of dull nakedness, deception.. some sex maybe.. and it was kind of expected or accepted .. or ??

I'm missing something here..
Maybe I think a glowing heart is a heart that glows
and Ms Blatch thinks its something you swap
at a flea market or an adult club

Welcome to the dank mouldy ground of situational ethics Ms Blatchford.. You can share it with Stevie/Ray, Jenni Byrne, Arthur Hamilton, Tom Flanagan, Toews, Fantino, Kenney, Clement et al

Let us all know what a great Canadian Joe Oliver is too ..
or Polievre or Leitch, Peter Kent or Keith Ashfield etc

But I'll take Frankie James Canada
over yours.. any damn day of the year ..
as yours, in fact.. accepts the stink of Stephan Harper as just fine..

Purple library guy said...

It all makes sense once you assume that neither the prime minister nor the senators has any responsibility to any other person or group, such as, say, the Canadian public.
It's all a bit of private backstabbing among friends; none our business what our lords and masters do, and so obviously very gauche of Duffy to have been spreading the dirt around among those uninvolved--i.e. the citizens, the people actually being campaigned at with their own money.

The Mound of Sound said...

Jim, Sal, PLG - your takes on this odious creature are every bit as good as mine. It's something for someone who publicly proclaims herself bereft of moral compass to condemn others.

Jim Parrett said...

"It's something for someone who publicly proclaims herself bereft of moral compass to condemn others."

Nicely put.

deb said...

blatchford has a real problem with finding nuances in any crisis. She takes one extreme position, ignores facts that dont support it and goes full steam ahead. I think her and Rex Murphy have to be related.
all of her commentary miss details that are important and her analogies are just sad.
Badly behaved people lose their rights to speak out forevermore...well if we take that approach, Harper will have to have his tongue removed:P

kootcoot said...

" I think her and Rex Murphy have to be related. "

Well, they do look like twins separated at birth and the thought of seeing either one naked is..............justifiable cause for suicide!