Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Closing In For The Kill

Anyone who has done much fraud litigation will be familiar with that moment, that sweet spot, where you get to close for the kill.

You've given your target a pretty thorough working over, you've forced him to commit to a very specific story, you've boarded up all the exits, and then you go to town.

Stephen Harper is not there yet.  He needs a bit more tuning up.  It's time for the Opposition to earn their paycheques.

Ask Harper why he's in such a rush to get Duffy turfed from the Senate?  Pressure him on that point.

Ask Harper why now?  Why now, when Duffy has just begun to spill his guts and release documents for public scrutiny?  What's the rush?

Ask Harper why he's so fearful of what Duffy has to say and reveal?  Come right out and ask if Harper isn't trying to cover for himself.

Raise the Don Bayne press conference where this senior counsel told reporters that Harper is directly implicated in the Wright-Duffy scandal.  Then ask if it's appropriate for someone implicated in this scandal to be using his influence to shut down one of the key witnesses just when that person is ready to talk.

Sure, keep hammering away about due process and the presumption of innocence and all the stuff that's boring the public and fueling their apathy.  But try to emulate how Congressional Democrats went after Nixon.

Start treating Harper like a suspect instead of simply a bully.

There was a time when MPs were willing to get thrown out of the House for calling an obvious liar a liar.   Since Stephen Harper ascended to the throne has there ever been a better moment?


deb said...

yes the quesstions need asking, I dont think Harper will answer them....but still leaving him hedging it good too.
I wonder why we cant have an independent RCMP investigation stop harper from having any control over the that hehas been thoroughly implicated. It seems like Harper has left a door open escape from. Well if that doesnt work...he can always prorogue that never gets stale:P

Anonymous said...

Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption.

Nor, is Harper any Conservative, what-so-ever. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. He had hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning. They even donated to Harper's Alliance.

Harper doesn't govern, he dictates. Most Canadians know, Harper cheated to win his election, with his robo-call fraud.

Owen Gray said...

It will be interesting to see if there will emails released during the convention, Mound.

That would shake up Mr. Harper, who insists that everything be scripted.

the salamander said...

.. interesting legal perspective here ..
especially regarding Harper's use of the word 'deception' .. Wondering if he used the word in regard to Nigel Wright outside of Parliament .. ie on air.. via comment etc

will be interesting to see if Arthur Hamilton finds it necessary to shrink himself into invisibility as capably as Nigel Wright

.. keep up the fine work MoS