Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stephen Harper Can Clear the Air, But He Won't.

Stephen Harper is never shy about using his powers as prime minister so when he doesn't use those powers it's safe to assume there's something he doesn't want done.

For example, Stephen Harper could pick up the phone and tell his pet RCMP commish, Paulson, to have a file clerk make copies of all the e-mails and other documents Nigel Wright handed over, lots of copies, enough for every member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.   And maybe a few extra copies, one for every MP and senator, would be nice.

Getting all those documents out in public - Duffy's e-mails, Nigel Wright's e-mails, e-mails from Tory senators to the PMO, in-house PMO e-mails and memos, phone message slips, correspondence - should at least go some way to clear the air and might even be enough to exonerate the prime minister himself from those allegations by the dastardly senator Mike Duffy.

Then perhaps in the contagious spirit of co-operation, when Steve showed his, Mike Duffy might show his.  We'd all be the wiser and could put all this nonsense behind us.  Move on with the pressing business of government as it were.

Or Steve could remain down in his bunker yelling through the armoured hatch that Duffy is a liar.

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