Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ekos Polling the Senate Expenses Scandal, Focus On Stephen Harper

Somebody wants to gauge the depth of Stephen Harper's vulnerability on the Senate expenses scandal and, in particular, the Wright-Duffy affair.

Ekos is running an interesting poll asking respondents whether they think the country is heading in the right direction, how much or little they trust the Harper government, how the Senate expense and RoboCall scandals stack up to the Sponsorship Scandal, whether Harper should immediately  resign if he's found to have been lying about his personal involvement in Wright-Duffy.

Steve, do you really need Ekos to tell you how hot the water is?


Elliott Taylor said...

Apparently someone does because it arrived in my in box this morning at 7:54 AM too.

Would the Cons really ask what people think Harper should do if he's found to have lied to us? It seems like too much of an admission. The two choices were that he should immediately resign, or stay on and face electors down the road. That question makes me think one of the media outlets is behind it.

Anonymous said...

...why do you not think the PMO/CPC are gauging this??

Anonymous said...

When it comes to polls, presentation means a great deal. ie recent internet polls at yahoo where many of the 'base' hang out.

1st poll asked who do you believe, Harper or Mike Duffy? The result was split 50/50 with over 40,000 responses.

2nd poll (still up) asks 'Do you think Harper knew about Mike Duffy's cheque?'. So far 79% say yes with over 25,000 responses.

1st one was done before Brazeau's recent accusations which may factor somewhat.

Anon 2

The Mound of Sound said...

Very interesting, Anon 2. Do you have a link to that? If four out of five Canadians believe Harper knew all along, as he obviously did, that means half of Conservative voters believe their leader is a liar. That puts a very interesting gloss on things.

Elliott Taylor said...

Turns out the Ekos poll was likely done by ipolitics

And it is lousy news for Harper and Co!

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the heads up, Elliott. For some reason I've overlooked iPolitics for the past couple of weeks. Very interesting stuff.