Monday, October 21, 2013

'Slackjaw Joe' Oliver Pisses Off Pipeline Operator

While most news stories focus on Enbridge and the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, Kinder Morgan is working to expand its own pipeline operation straight into Vancouver.

The head of Kinder Morgan thinks Old Joe isn't doing his company any favours lately by running his mouth.

Remember back in early 2012 when Joe Oliver denounced opponents of West Coast oil pipelines as foreign-funded "radicals"? The federal natural resources minister's comments may have done Canada's oil industry more harm than good. 

 So argues the president of major pipeline builder Kinder Morgan Canada, who recently told a Calgary business audience that "fanning the flames" of grassroots opposition can make it harder to win support for oil industry expansion. 

"I was not a huge supporter of how actively the federal government was a year or two ago in promoting pipeline projects for its interests and taking on some of the opposers," Ian Anderson reportedly said this week.           

He added: "I don't need them making the grassroots opposition any worse than it might already be." 

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