Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Nobody Talks. Leave No Witnesses. Harper Covers His Tracks.

Nothing says coverup in government louder than the total absence of any paper trail.

When the CBC's Greg Weston went fishing for documents of the Senate expense scandal he came back empty-handed.  The Prime Minister's Office, even the Justice Department, reported zero documents on this broad scandal.  "Not an e-mail, a memo, or even a sticky note."  It's as though those two bureaucracies had never heard mention of it.

These responses came after requests from reporters and others using the Access to Information Act to obtain all documents relating to the Senate fiasco in the possession of the two departments.
In total, the departments responded to more than two dozen requests for documents.
In every case, the response was the same: The search yielded "zero" pages because the information "does not exist."
A subsequent request to the Privy Council Office for "all records related to the expenses of senators" finally turned up five pages of documents.
But the government is refusing to release them on the grounds they contain confidential advice from lawyers.

That is the telltale sign, proof positive, of a coverup by a directly implicated and thoroughly corrupt government.   With something like this as threatening to this prime minister and his government and no documents that can only mean documents were completely destroyed, purged, erased, incinerated.   Not even an e-mail, "hey, did you see what's in the morning paper?"

Now let's think this through, take it to the next level.  It's entirely conceivable that crimes were committed in the Senate expenses scandal.  Nigel Wright's payment to Duffy might have been a crime.   Senators padding their expenses might have been fraud or criminal breach of trust.  Harper's own involvement in the Duffy business conceivably might have criminal implications.  These no longer extant documents could be evidence destroyed and that, of itself, could be criminal.

The key staff at the PMO have been purged.  So have the documents.  What's that stench?  Oh yeah, the unmistakeable smell of stale sweat and fear.

Harper must feel the long-overdue breath of the hounds on his heels.  How does it feel, Steve?


the salamander said...

.. we know you're catching the stunning similarity here.. Mound .. to the two hundred some ridings where electoral fraud occurred ..

Our Highest office.. our government, our sub-prime Minister, Ray and his ministers, and all the 'Conservative' MP's, spokespersons, deputy ministers.. their law firms and lawyers, the PMO and the Privy Council and The Speaker.. all agreed ..

'Didn't happen .. baseless smears .. blah blah .. We are cooperating fully with Elections Canada .. the full weight of the law.. the NDP carbon tax.. the Adscam blah blah'

What stinkin coward evangelical, lying carpet bagger egg sucking scumbags.. ! Clinging like lampreys to 'power' and 'glory' with their pseudo glowing hearts.. and Canada pins on their overfed bigoted suits ..
Clapping like boffo trained seals in Question Period

What disgusting trash .. an embarrassment to real Canadians.. an affront to anyone who recognizes Canada and wonders what the hell happened here..

I just wish & hope the final 'counting coup' on the lizard tongue, Priss Harper.. can be reserved for the First Nations ..

The entire asinine, dirty, scheming, dangerous & criminal Harper horde is stampeding to its mad and crazed 'buffalo jump' ending ..

Hard to avoid the ethical and moral cliff Steve..
when the dull witted, receptive herd you cultivated
is stampeding.. (in a westerner way)
and is right on your pudgy arse.. all the way .. DOWN

Anonymous said...

It’s insufficient redress to be rid of the man at the top and his inner circle; by its collective acquiescence, prioritization of personal ambition and sycophantic cowardice, the whole stinking lot of them has revealed itself as corrupt as the man for whom it has led the cheers

Two years and counting of omnibus bills and investment protection deals generated by an illegitimate regime is enough. There must be a means of having the federal party decertified so that the country won’t be subjected to another two years of its contempt.

Owen Gray said...

They are a self righteous crowd. But their venality knows no bounds.