Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Government All Canadians Can Be Rightly Ashamed Of

Harper's Trained Seals

Even stalwart Conservatives have every reason to consider the Harper government a genuine disgrace and a blight upon our country.

Remind me, what is it now?  Going on eight years of barely detected crime, perversion and corruption?

Imagine if a bank robber could lock down all the security cameras so there would be no incriminating video to lead to his detection, arrest and conviction.  Imagine that.  Yet the Harper regime has done much the same thing by gagging the public service and the armed forces for the sole purpose of preventing the Canadian people discovering (detecting) the truth and ousting the lying buggers at the polls, the political equivalent of trial, conviction and lethal injection.

Ask yourself "why, oh why is Stephen Harper so obsessed with getting Mike Duffy turfed from the Senate immediately if not sooner?"  Isn't he the same pudgy guy that he was in April and May when Steve was in no rush to deal with him or anyone else?   What possible harm to the Senate or the country can Duffy cause at this point?  Everything has already happened.   The scandal is complete.  The only thing remaining is to discover what really went on and who were the players.

What has happened to change the prime minister's mind so abruptly?  Well, for starters, this supposed miscreant and grievous wrongdoer has started spilling his guts.   What cop ever tries to make a crook stop confessing?  That completely defies logic and reason.  You have to have a powerful motive to derail a free confession.  You have to have an extremely guilty mind, fearful of what you know the confessor will reveal.

An innocent, blameless prime minister would sit back and tell Duffy "fill your boots" knowing that the more fables he spun, the easier they would be to repudiate and thereby exonerate himself as quickly as possible.   Harper needs to get this behind him - if he can - and that's the best way to do it.  But this is no innocent, not our Stephen Harper, and his own conduct screams of his guilt.   The harder he pushes, the more certain his culpability.

We should all be ashamed of this government, utterly disgusted.   Stephen Harper, his entire caucus, the Conservative Party and everyone who carries a CPC membership card in his wallet should be deeply, profoundly ashamed of this, their government.

Canada is not known for thug governments but we've got one now.  It's time to put that government down.


Scotian said...

I am a person well known for writing lengthy comments, and here is my reaction to what I just read:

Nailed It!!!

John B. said...

When I talked recently about the Wright-Duffy subject with people I know who are addicted Harper supporters they continued to defend him by repeating some of the things that Harper or that idiot Parliamentary Secretay have said. They accept those wandering mutterings and irrelevant pronouncements as responses to the questions that have been put to Harper. It’s as though they don’t understand English anymore. All that Harper has to do to reassure them is to open his mouth and let anything dribble out, provided that he appears to be either aggressive or confident.

This seems to be the way his caucus is behaving. It’s as though they’re not even listening. If Harper appears to be nervous or hesitant, they look confused or apprehensive. Sometimes their eyes will slowly move around and their heads will begin to nod somewhat hesitatingly until, as a group, they confirm that what the leader has just said is either wonderful or just acceptable and reinforce his performance with the appropriate shouts, squeals and applause and the optional standing ovation.

The most curious show was the thundering approval that they bestowed upon Calandra for his crazy pizza shop analogies. I was still shaking my head today when Charlie Angus had finally had enough of him during the interview on Evan Solomon’s show. Charlie’s gestures might have been somewhat impolite and unparliamentarily but I know that he couldn’t help it. Why the hell did this guy even bother showing up?

The Mound of Sound said...

John, I think they're scared if, by nothing else, the recent polls, one showing them trailing the NDP in third, the other barely tied with the NDP. They're also petrified of what's coming next from Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy. Most of what you're seeing is probably whistling past the graveyard.