Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mayor Discovered on Tumour

Too soon?  Too cold?  Sorry.

When it was announced yesterday that Mayor Rob Ford's doctors discovered he has developed a tumour I was surprised, sort of (not really).  For a long time I marveled at how he kept going with the manner(s) in which he abused his body.  Booze, drugs of all descriptions, and obviously a hearty feed of junk food. 

We know from constant warnings in the media that medical science believes we're doing no end of harm to our physiology with the stuff we're cramming into it.  And we don't even understand the chemicals in some of our food and medicines.  For the most part we just take what's put in front of us and wait to be informed of its degree of lethality.

So, when a bloato like Ford develops a tumour I don't know that it's much of a shock.  More like, "yeah, okay, yawn."  Yet Ford's conduct and the ramifications that visits on his health are part and parcel of what Torontonians are voting for.  He's not Keith Richards.  It's not the price of a concert ticket at stake.  It's the mayoralty of Canada's largest city.  A toxic waste dump should not be draped in the chains of office.


Anonymous said...

his DOCTOR was the head of NO campaign 2008....sorry MOUND im suspicious and sorry to be ,,,,,,

The Mound of Sound said...

Well, stranger things have happened.

Owen Gray said...

Somehow it's all rather fitting.

Anonymous said...

I dont remember PC NO campaign 2008 against JOHN TORY....why is he a NO....can someone explain this to a foggy ole lady...thanks

deb said...

I couldnt agree more. I just read somewhere else the guy has asthma, jesus, crack smokin', alcohol abuse, and weed smokin, and living in toronto.
not to mention... 350lbs so yeah its a shock he has survived this long.