Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Pentagon Exploits Tensions Over Ukraine, Pushes for Multi-Purpose Sensor Chain Across Canada's Arctic

Arrest that Man, He's From Russia!

They sure know how to pick their opportunities.

At the very moment NATO leaders are in Wales fretting over what to do with Vlad Putin and the future of Ukraine, America's brass are floating the idea of establishing a "multi-purpose sensor chain" across the vast Canadian Arctic.

Exactly what they have in mind isn't immediately clear but would entail sensors that could detect and track aircraft, ships and even cruise missiles as well as a missile attack from North Korea.  It's not the same as stationing missile interceptor batteries on Canadian soil but it would certainly integrate with America's missile defence system.

NORAD commander, US general Charles Jacoby, put it this way:  "If Canada decided not to belong to missile defence, then I'm sure that they would continue to play all of their robust roles that they play in missile warning and in other NORAD missions.  And if they did decide (to join), I'm sure we'd take great advantage of the capabilities and commitment that Canada brings to every mission."

After that one, you just might want to take a wet-nap to your butt cheek.


Anonymous said...

So NORAD is planning to reactivate the DEW line facilities from the 1950s with new technology? That's the plan? What the fuck is going on here?

Anyong said...

While Canada wants to cut back on military defense as well as civil service pensions, it wants the US to defend us? Yes indeed, 'what is going on here.