Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Does Trump Stand a Chance in 2020?

Donald Trump's path to holding the White House in next year's election was dealt a setback today by California governor Gavin Newsome.

The governor signed into law today, "The Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act."

If you want to be on the California ballot you'll have to release the past five years of your tax returns. That goes for everybody, Trump included.

In terms of electoral college votes, California is the biggest with 55. Texas is second with 38. New York and Florida each have 29. Illinois and Pennsylvania have 20 apiece.


Anonymous said...

Love it....Anyong

Toby said...

The US Supreme Court will probably overrule this. So far, the Democrats look on track to throwing the election away like they did last time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea. Did they move too soon on this?


Trailblazer said...

Does Trump Stand a Chance in 2020?

Yes he does.
Look no further than the preceding post to see why.

The USA is brain dead pure and simple.
The few that are not fight amongst themselves over issues that are seldom different from their in disagreement from their opposition ( think American exceptionalism aka superioririty!


Ben Burd said...

More than a fighting chance Mound, thanks to gerrymandering in essential States and the Dems fucking it up as usual.

The next election will prove once and for all that rigged elections and the electoral college will give a loser the White House.

Ben Burd said...

Besides what's it going to take to move the idiot Presidential no-hopers, O'Rourke, Castro and other 2%ers to take on Senate races?

Dems have to control the Senate they can't do that with the best candidates wasting their time on ego trips!

bcwaterboy said...

I agree with Toby, this will not withstand the SCOTUS. I think the election is in the bag for Trump he still has a firm grasp on the total illusion that he's a brilliant businessman, tells it like it is, my kinda guy reputation. Of course anyone not totally wrapped up in the greatest nation on earth lie can see right through the con. 20+ candidates is confusing and needs to be narrowed down yesterday, although there are some stellar folks, Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, they will go with Biden who will gaffe his way to a narrow loss to Trump is my prediction. Then it's game on, they will once again show no interest in impeaching the M-Fo and the bottom less bottom will go even further and after Jan 20, 2021, he will no longer shy away from using the N-word.

I must admit though, I need to stop looking at this train wreck south of the border and focus on our impending Scheer disaster in October.

Anonymous said...

5:41....I know, I know...it makes me sick to think it. Anyong