Saturday, July 06, 2019

First Time Ever - 90F in Anchorage

The people of Anchorage, Alaska got to spend their 4th of July celebrating in sweltering heat. The city recorded an all time record high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The city of 300,000 people also had its hottest June ever, according to the National Weather Service. Average temperature for the month was 60.5 degrees, 5.3 degrees above normal. It was the 16th consecutive month with above-average temperatures.

Then there's the smoke. Crews have been battling wildfires across the state, and on Monday authorities issued an air quality advisory for south-central Alaska.

With the hot, dry conditions and limited firefighting resources, the Alaska State Fire Marshal's Office suspended sale and use of fireworks in many areas.


Lorne said...

It's a shame that Mad Magazine is folding, Mound. Alfred E. Neuman's famous "What, me worry?" is the perfect motto for Trump and all the other climate-change deniers in the world. The record-high temperatures in Alaska will fork no lightning with their ilk.

Anonymous said...

That is funny Lorne. Anyong

zoombats said...

Alfred E. Newman for President. Funny, Trump even looks like him