Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Just "Completely," Is That It?

It's hard not to speak of Donald Trump in superlatives. He's just that sort of guy. Yes, he's moronic. You could even say he's completely moronic. Oh wait, that's already been done.

With 2020 coming up, the Trumpster is spoiling for a fight. If it's not Sweden prosecuting some American rapper for assault, it'll be something else. The Mango Mussolini might even restart his trade war with Canada if he can't find something else.

Then there's France, the ally America loves to hate. Remember "Freedom Fries"?

France has decided that notorious tax dodgers like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple should be held to account.  Paris is looking to slap a 3 per cent tax on the GAFAs. That's just enough to get Trump riled up.

The Man-Baby has vowed to retaliate - a tariff on French wine should do it.  That got the French agriculture minister to fight back.

"...the French agriculture minister, Didier Guillaume, hit back, telling BFM TV: “It’s absurd, in terms of having a political and economic debate, to say that if you tax the GAFAs, I’ll tax wine. It’s completely moronic."
That's like saying America's emperor has no clothes. He's dead from the neck up. Which, by now, ought to be obvious to anyone. This guy's a loon, a f#@king nutjob.

It's deeply ingrained in Trump's damaged psyche that he retaliates against anyone who points out his, I don't know, 'deficiencies'?

I think there's a way to put the hamster back on his wheel where he won't bother anybody. There aren't too many people insulting Donnie. There aren't enough. What if everybody, every leader - Putin, Orban and MBS excluded - simply referred to Trump as "that moron" or maybe "that complete moron"?

I like the idea. Why don't we give it a whirl?

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