Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Tipping Point Both Justin and Chuckles Must Dread

With each worsening season public awareness of the magnitude of the threat posed by climate change increases. Priorities shift when your house is on fire.

Arguments extolling the merits of fossil energy become less compelling. The contradictions can't be ignored forever. The argument becomes increasingly more absurd.

The change is coming and, judging by the UK, it can arrive swiftly.

Protecting the environment has overtaken affordable housing and the threat of terrorism in the British public’s policy priorities over the last eight months, polling has revealed. 
Polling by BritainThinks, commissioned by Engage Britain, found that concern about the climate crisis has risen at roughly the same rate for all age groups, and has emerged as the single most important issue for young people. It comes as the activist group Extinction Rebellion is due to stage another round of protests expected to bring parts of the country to a standstill. 
The findings also cast at least partial doubt on the image of Britain as a hopelessly divided nation that Boris Johnson has pledged to “unite”. 

Why would a young Canadian support either Liberal or Conservative? It's their future the mainstream parties are out to trash. The future has a reality for them that's not shared by Justin or Andy. Those two are working for a Canada that's nearing the end of the line. The sooner they're gone the better.


Anonymous said...

The Brits will use anything at this point in time so they don't have to deal with climate change due to Brexit. Anyong

The Mound of Sound said...

I think you'll find, Anyong, that the Brits are light years ahead of Canada on climate change.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it takes a uniquely Canadian pig-headed stupidity to tear up wind power contracts in the middle of a climate emergency. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson may have won the Upper Class Twit of the Year Award, but he's a towering intellect next to Thug Ford.

the salamander said...

.. Norm Farrell at Insight and David Climenhaga Alberta Politics
both slay today.. Loved Norm's razor slash especially
re gotta increase Greenhouse gas emissions
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions..

Climenhaga no slouch either.. as usual

But the mantra of BC, Alberta, Canada, Ontariario
is strip baby strip emit baby emit..
lay waste to habitat, environment
decimate the species to preserve the species
bottom drag the oceans, people to feed
ethical holy dilbit in every pot.. that the ticket !!
And.. (cue grandiose music)
(a dying planet... ripped, stripped, raped & plundered, wasted)

Anonymous said...

It's the Boris thing Mound: The Boris thing. If he isn't another "Trump" I'll personally eat my shirt in front of you. Anyong