Thursday, July 25, 2019

Records Keep Falling. Today, It's Paris.

A new record for Paris, 42.4 degrees Celsius. The City of Light swelters.

July record set for Amsterdam. In the UK, orders have gone out that trains must slow down to avoid warping the steel rails. A new record for Germany, 41.5C.
The chief architect responsible for restoring the Notre-Dame warned that the extreme heat could lead to the cathedral roof collapsing if the joints and masonry holding up the roof dry out. French reports suggested five deaths may have resulted from the heatwave. 
Comparisons were drawn to a heatwave in August 2003 which contributed to almost 15,000 deaths in the country.


Anonymous said...

And what do we think the carbon footprint will be of the manufacture and operation of 88 fighter jets?

Anonymous said...

While in Alberta the Federal-Provincial panel say a proposed northeastern Alberta tar it what it is...mine would be in the public best interest, even though it would likely significantly harm the environment and Indigenous people. Vancouver based "Teck" Resources Ltd. aims to build the $30.6 billion Frontier mine near Wood Buffalo National Park (no less) in two phases. It will have a total capacity of 260,000 barrels of oil a day. This on the front page of the Medicine Hat News today. How is that for caring what happens to the environment now. Imagine!: a Vancouver based company to boot. So Paris needs to learn that North America doesn't give a dam about your over the hill heat. Anyong