Thursday, July 25, 2019

Trump Punked

Pretty hilarious. On Tuesday, Donnie J. Trump gave an address to a conservative youth group, Turning Point USA.

As Trump approached the podium, the presidential seal was displayed on a giant screen behind him.

Only that's not the presidential seal of the United States. That's not a bald eagle but a double-headed eagle reminiscent of the Russian coat of arms. And those aren't lightning bolts in the eagle's claw. They're golf clubs.

No one noticed. Not the event organizers, not the loyal Trump Jungend, and, naturally, not the Cheeto Benito.

Here's a better image of the Trump Seal of Office


Northern PoV said...

"and, naturally, not the Cheeto Benito."

To be fair ... he probably did notice and thought
"nice update, I must promote whoever did this."

Anonymous said...

The eagle's other claw holds a wad of cash. Over the eagle is a banner that reads, "45 es un titre" - 45 is a puppet in Spanish. The crest certainly captures the essence of the Trump presidency.


The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks, Cap. I was trying to figure out the motto. Well done.