Monday, July 08, 2019

What Really Went On Between Epstein and His Girls

The story of Jeffrey Epstein and his collection of underage girls takes a bit of reading. The Miami Herald did an amazing job of digging into Epstein, the girls and Epstein's well heeled pals. You can find the entire series here.


the salamander said...

.. thanks ! I have mentioned this story to many people.. so its great to have a link that takes you right into the heart of darkness. To me it represents & ties in so many aspects, so many threads, such vast levels of criminal behaviour, double standards, systemic failure.. and last but not least, exemplifies what diseased persons there are - and the varying levels of different swamps & different septic tanks they thrive in.. usually on the taxpayers dime. It reminds me of the catchphrase of Anonymous - 'Expect Us'

Is there a lesson to be learned ? Can it be learned ? Does anyone want to learn ? This is the current status quo, kind of a floating benchmark of depravity. Who can melt this monsterous machinery of depravity down to a summary page.. encode it so it becomes consumable or absorbable.. makes it into the public conciousness.. like 'don't hike near Chernobyl' - 'Look Both Ways' - 'Organized Crime' - 'Traintime is Anytime' - 'Cook Your Pork' ..

This 'story' I have always believed would hit the OJ Simpson level.. transfixing the mass audience. Epstein is pond scum, that's obvious.. but its what & how he was bundled or whisked to safety, coddled even, the Justice System subverted.. and look where some of those folks like Acosta got to in society ? Haha.. they got to The White House !! The Golf n Country Club set.. fabulous wealth & privilege ! And what of the Southern White House - Mar El Lago ? Hoho.. a recruiting center for underage girls.. hell it was a 'cash for access' to The Presidency portal embraced by a Chinese massage guru..

And what of Epstein.. ulp.. he was too dirty and corrupt for Bear & Stearns & that just re his financial transactions.. One anecdote I saw on Twitter was an associate or friend of a best selling crime/drama author said when he was pitched by the Miami Herald to consider writing a book.. he glanced through some reference papers.. noted Trump and Dershowitz involvement and backed away.. saying it was too disgusting and tawdry for his kind of reader.. Maybe he recognized this was radioactive, even diseased

For anyone coherent, with a shred of lingering belief or partisan trust.. or a vote.. this sordid tale has a long way to go - 'legs' as they say..

The Mound of Sound said...

There have always been deviants who think wealth bestows power over the weak and an immunity when they're caught transgressing. When you look at Epstein and his playpals they're of an order of men quite unlike us, Sal. Epstein got caught and received rich men's mercy while the kids, his victims, were swept under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Does Prince Andrew have any involvement with this? Now there is a question.

Bill Longstaff said...

James Patterson wrote quite a good book on Epstein entitled Filthy Rich. A sordid story but a good read even as it makes your skin crawl.