Friday, December 22, 2006

Dion's Numbers Improving

Those who know him like what they see.

A Decima Research poll shows that, while many Canadians still don't know Stephane Dion, those that do see him favourably. According to the Toronto Star:

The Decima Research poll suggests Dion is still an unknown quantity to many Canadians. Still, 43 per cent said he has "the potential to be an excellent prime minister of Canada one day."

"Almost one-third – including roughly one-third of NDP, Bloc Québécois and Green party supporters – would like to see Dion win the next election.

"'Voters are mostly showing an open mind towards Mr. Dion, with more optimism than cynicism about how he will turn out,' said Decima CEO Bruce Anderson.

"Negative perceptions of Dion were somewhat more likely in his home province of Quebec than in Ontario, the other key electoral battleground.

"Still, 43 per cent of Quebecers (49 per cent of Ontarians) thought he has the potential to be a great prime minister and 31 per cent (32 per cent in Ontario) would like to see him win the election."

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