Saturday, December 23, 2006

Talk About Spoiling the Christmas Spirit!

Bummer man! Some as yet unnamed guy in Bakersfield, California just couldn't get "into" the Christmas spirit. But he completely lost it when the local school board decided to change the name of the winter and spring breaks to Christmas and Easter respectively.

To get back at those miserable school trustees, the guy staged a protest where he set fire to a Christmas tree, an American flag and a revolutionary flag. As a special twist he then set fire to himself.

When a deputy showed up, Mr. Bozo poured gas over his head. It seems the fumes spread to the nicely roasting Christmas tree nearby and the guy caught fire. Luckily the deputy grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the guy out. Oh, by the way, the inflamed protestor was carrying a sign that read "f__k the religious establishment."

Guess whose getting a lump of coal in his stocking this year.

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