Friday, December 15, 2006

Stevie Stammers Over Environment

Stphen Harper wants parliament to let him keep governing so he can sort out the mess he's made of the Tory's environmental policy. Mr. "So-called Greenhouse Gases" himself has obviously heard he alarm bells ringing in his head that he's in serious trouble on this issue.

Harper is like Bush. He screws up and wants to start over again. His principles from last month go into the rotary file while he finds new principles on Ebay.

Here's his problem. Nothing is dearer to Stephen Harper than Alberta. His adopted home province, Alberta, is expected to soon edge out his original home province, Ontario, as Canada's main greenhouse gas emitter. Cracking down on GHG emissions means lowering the boom on Alberta and that means that province's bountiful tar sands.

Is Harper going to choose Canada over Alberta? What are the chances? If his government does last long enough to throw on a layer of green makeup, it'll probably be just a lot more shuckin' and jivin' replete with ambiguity and weasel words. He's been around long enough to show us that's the way he does things.

There are some serious political consequences to going green particularly when you head the party that's the natural home to global warming deniers. More time? No way.


Anonymous said...

No amount of rhetorical jiggery-pokery is going to save the Tories on the Green file. Their policy is to exploit the tar sands, and this can not co-exist with sound environmental policy.

I'm sure you are well aware of just how dirty tar sand processing is, far and away dirtier than pumping from wells.

If Alberta is going to be allowed to carry on with Tar Sand productions, there can not be any coherent policy, regardless of how well Harper can tap dance in front of the press. Dion and May will make a pretty formidable alliance to end that softshoe in a big hurry.

There is an almosty palpable undercurrent in Canada these days regarding environmental awareness. People are finally realising that we are affecting the weather.

It's 10 degrees here in Ottawa today, and Victoria is again being battered by winter. It isn't hard to see why people are tuned in.

Anonymous said...

Stevie has accomplished more in 10 months than Martin did in two years. I want to know why the liberals can make empty promises that lie to Canadians as to what they actually accomplished. See environment file!

I would be tickled RED to debate any Liberal on the Facts and the Liberals vs conservative records.

I've challenged many Liberals to this debate but I never get any takers.....

Anonymous said...

Just you ever stop to think about what Alberta (specifically the oil sands) does to contribute to Canada's GDP?

I'm an Albertan....and not one day goes by where some liberal hack doesn't post some assinine thoery about Alberta being this big bad boogy-man.

I'm not a seperatist at all...I'm Canadian through and through (even have a maple leaf tatoo on my shoulder)...but what reason do I have for taking this federalist position? We get called red-necks, neocons, our former premier gets ripped apart daily while at the same time people equate his handling of our debt elimination to the statement...."a drunk monkey could have done it".

You go on and on about how bad our political views are....whether these views are right or wrong is a matter of perception. The point is that these are OUR VIEWS....NOT YOURS. Paul Martin once said "you can't cherry pick your rights"....well last time I checked everyone had the right to there own opinion. We in Alberta like the conservative party because they represent our views the most of all the federal parties...and everytime we get belitted for it....our rights are being Cherry-Picked.

I realize people have different views....and I accept it. I don't call them names, refer to them by some term that people don't even know the real meaning of (neo-con) and I certainly don't hold it against any Prime Minister who has the interests of Canadians at heart. If Steven Harper cares about Alberta, in your eyes he all of the sudden becomes this monster.