Friday, December 15, 2006

Making Nice - Libs and Greens

According to the Toronto Star, the Green party is cozying up to the Dion Libs.

"In separate news conferences on Parliament Hill yesterday, new Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion and Green Leader Elizabeth May, who was elected only a few months previously, appeared to be signalling that their two parties could work together.

"May was the most explicit, saying that Dion's election as Liberal leader this month will help her party because realism dictates that the Greens, with no seats in Parliament yet, need to work with a mainstream, established Canadian political force.

"She appeared to rule out that possibility with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and had only faint praise for New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton on this score.

"'Although many Canadians, myself included, yearn for the day of a Green party majority government, we simply don't have time,' said May, after praising Dion's achievements on the environment, especially a plan for Canada to live up to its commitment under the Kyoto climate-change protocol.

"'He's certainly the best the Liberals had on offer,' May said. 'He was a very, very good environment minister.'"

May's deferential endorsement is a real boost for Dion. The one who must be really licking his wounds today is Layton whose NDP has been tanking in the polls.

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