Saturday, December 23, 2006

Looking for that Last Minute Christmas Gift?

If you just can't find the right gift for that pot dealer in your family, give him (or her) Barry Cooper's DVD "Never Get Busted Again."

Cooper is a retired narc from East Texas who made more than 800-drug arrests in his career. He produced the DVD out of the goodness of his little Lone Star heart because he thinks the war on drugs, especially on marijuana, is counter-productive.

Now give Barry his due. He's made it plain that his tips are only for pot dealers. Heroin or crack or coke dealers are not allowed to watch his DVD, never, ever, ever and that's final.

While few have yet watched the video it apparently is jam packed with tips such as whether coffee grounds really work as decoys, how to dodge narcotics profiling and how to fool canines every time.

Let's face it, Barry is out to make a few extra bucks in his golden years. Hard to guess how many copies of this DVD he's going to sell especially given that people who run and peddle drugs likely don't have too many qualms about burning bootleg copies.

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