Sunday, December 31, 2006

They Couldn't Even Hang Him Decently

Immediately following the execution of Hussein, Iraqi officials assured the world that the procedure had been conducted properly and that Saddam had been treated with dignity.

It turns out that wasn't true. Someone used a cell phone camera to video the grisly event and the soundtrack shows Saddam was taunted and demeaned in the final minutes of his life. The witnesses mocked Saddam even as he was uttering his final prayers.

It's no skin off my nose but I'm not a Sunni. To the Iraqi Sunnis this adds profound insult to the injury of the victors' justice meted out to their own. Those stupid, gratuitous insults and provocations will now have to be paid for in blood. In Iraq there's no other way.

Hanging Saddam decently should have been a simple task. That the government couldn't even do that right bodes very poorly for the future of the country. It also does nothing to improve the safety of American soldiers who have to prop up this wobbly administration.

Of course the cell phone video is at large on the internet so those who will be seeking Shia victims will be able to stoke their fury anytime they please. Why was anyone allowed in their with a cell phone? That's just plain stupid, utterly incompetent.

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