Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Senator Pam Cashing In

It might be she's hoping to stay one step ahead of the law or at least out of jail but Pam Wallin is flogging her Manhattan condo and taking a bath on the deal.

CBC News has confirmed that Wallin has accepted an offer to sell her New York condo in the coming days, but the deal has not yet formally closed.

The condo is in the 34-storey Plaza Tower, a Manhattan property described in a real estate listing as “a proper ‘white-glove’ co-op with 24/7 doorman, full-time concierge, covered circular driveway … and fabulous roof deck” — all just off New York’s iconic Park Avenue.

According to the listing, the condo itself is “an oversized studio” that is “both functional and charming with custom high-end renovations.”

Documents from the New York City finance department indicate Wallin paid $379,000 US for the bachelor flat in 2005. 

Okay, maybe it's just a sponge bath but, if it helps Pam settle her Senate tab that's fine with me.


LeDaro said...

She may be able to sell it for $1 million+. Real estates prices have escalated since 2005 in NYC.

I have relatives living in NYC and I heard from them that condos are very expensive especially in the area that Pamela has her condo.

Lorne said...

A flawed process has led to a flawed sale price, a distress sale that has no basis in any wrongdoing by Ms. Wallin; her innocence shines through like a mighty light in the darkness enveloping her, Mound.

Anonymous said...

Poor little lady. She must have grown up poor for her thrust for money...a lot of money.

The Mound of Sound said...

She does seem to be taking a bath to get cash fast. A condo like that in Vancouver would fetch more than she's settling for.