Monday, February 26, 2018

Federal Government Report Says Canada Falling Ever Further Behind on GHG Emissions Target

Well, we've finally got our prime minister home so maybe he can get out of his Indian party costume, throw on his dad's buckskins and run that "bitumen = a green future for Canada" business by us once again. This time maybe with some logical explanation. Alchemists never do that, you know.

Maybe Justin can tell us why, on his watch, Canada keeps falling further behind on our already paltry emissions reduction targets. Son, you've got to fish or cut bait. The bullshit isn't working any more.

A recently released federal report suggests the gap is growing between Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction promises and what its policies are likely to achieve.

The news comes as the Liberal government continues to promise a new pipeline will be built to take bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands to ports in British Columbia — a move critics say would push Canada’s emissions even higher.

In December, the government delivered a report to the United Nations outlining its progress on reaching targets agreed to in the Paris Accord to fight climate change. Canada has promised to reduce those emissions to the equivalent of 517 megatonnes of carbon dioxide.

In 2016, the federal government made a similar report to the UN acknowledging that both its current and planned policies would likely leave the country 44 megatonnes short of its target.

But in the recent report, Canada notes the gap between its commitments and the likely result of its policies has grown to 66 megatonnes — a 50 per cent increase in only 18 months.

Environment Canada was unable to immediately explain that expanding shortfall. Figures for greenhouse gas emissions in the report are only given up to 2015 and are reported to have been largely stable for several years previously.

Keith Stewart of Greenpeace said the increasing gap between promises and probable results is likely due to increasing energy production.

What? We can't ramp up bitumen production to run through all that new pipeline capacity and cut emissions? Oh, say it ain't so.


Lorne said...

Justin's father was called the Northern Magus, Mound. His son seems only to have a set of robes that are but a pale imitation of what Pierre wore.

Trailblazer said...

The Anglosphere countries, Canada, USA and the UK and Australia have all bullshiited their way past global warming commitments.
To call their proposals insincere would would be a gross understatement.
Truth be known; they lied!!
I believe they are committed to a carbon tax but not for the greater good of climate control but for tax income to prop up failing economic planning.


Anonymous said...

Of course, swept under the rug is the megatonnes of CO2 BC adds to the atmosphere each year from forest fires. And Alberta too. How about Ontario, Quebec and Labrador? Pikers but helping out.

I say swept under the rug, which isn't strictly true since figures are available, but after they're announced, people sit firmly on their hands doing bugger all and hum away gently, wondering what's for supper. I mean, what's actually important anyway?

BC tripled its so-called human-caused CO2 output last year, but nobody cares, cuz fires is natcheral.

Now, back to sleep everyone. Especially Americans who live in an exceptional country where climate change deniers happily buy giganto vehicles and drill, drill, drill, baby, because God will provide, and who believes those commie left-wing pinko intellectuals trying to warn them of pending environmental disaster anyway?

I seriously wonder myself if "scientists" include CO2 from natural fires in their predictions for sea level rise and temperature increases, or just the usual "man-made" sources. Since both seem to be happening faster than predicted, I'd guess not. If the real truth were to be told, it likely would be so bad everyone would would stand around mouth agape in disbelief, so they don't bother. The human race would rather face armageddon all in one go I think, clutching a flagon of beer and sucking back on a giant legal spliff. Hey ho!


The Mound of Sound said...

Sitting on their hands, BM? Wildfires swept western North America last year from Mexico straight up into Alaska. Forest fires cost our province and every affected state a massive sum in fire fighting, evacuations, etc. The season grows longer, year by year. I think it's a stretch to call most of that "man made."

I, too, have wondered how the science types factor in secondary, natural emissions from forest and tundra fires, the thawing of the methane-rich permafrost, melting lake and seabed methane clathrates, etc. These are the "tipping point" impacts that, just 10 to 15 years ago, we were warned might be triggered by 2100 if we didn't keep global warming under 2C. They're already here.

The Mound of Sound said...

Lorne we have learned to our disappointment that, in so many ways, the son bears scant resemblance to the father and the country is poorer for that.

The Mound of Sound said...

Trailblazer, I'm not sure if I would lump the UK into your club of villains. It is not a petro-state and closed the last of its coal mines under Thatcher. The US, by contrast, is not just a heavy, per capita user of fossil fuels but now the world's biggest producer. Australia is racing to sail every shipload of coal it can produce to Asia before that window is slammed shut. Canada, well our bitumen trafficking speaks for itself.