Monday, February 26, 2018

No, Not This Guy. Not Bolton. Even Trump Isn't That Crazy, Is He?

What sick bastard came up with the idea that uber-hawk John Bolton may be in line to replace General H.R. McMaster as Trump's next National Security Adviser?

Yet, there it is, on the pages of Foreign Policy. The general, they claim, is about to be sent packing back to the United States Army.

Bolton, however, isn’t talking. Even in private conversations late in the week, he offered non-answers when asked about the position. Bolton would have seemed an unlikely choice a few months ago; in August, he wrote the equivalent of an open letter to President Trump on scrapping the Iran plan, after being frozen out of the Oval Office. Yet, as usual, in the Trump White House, anything could happen.

If Bolton takes over, it would likely usher in a more hawkish approach at the White House, including toward North Korea. Bolton “supports preventive war through a massive strike, if sanctions fail,” the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin reports. “During an appearance last week at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, he said the United States would have to simultaneously destroy all known North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile sites, submarine bases, and artillery, mortar and missile installments along the North’s border with South Korea.”

Bolton could be to World War III what Gavril Princip was to World War 1


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Nuclear thumbs, Anyong?

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