Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Walls Keep Tumblin' Down

Trump's communications director, Hope Hicks, is getting out of Dodge.

No back story as yet although she announced her resignation one day after stonewalling congressional investigators trying to question her about the workings of the Trump administration, especially the fabricated release about the Trump Tower meeting between prominent Russians and senior members of the Trump campaign. Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.


the salamander said...

.. splish splash.. takin a bath
more time with her family
blah blah woof woof
another rat leaps from th deck
the plague ship Donalto Del Trumpo

Presumably they send out a destroyer
and sink this infestation at sea
to avoid infection in port

I would hope 'the authorities are wise enuff
to ensure Eric, Donut jr and young Kushner
are aboard.. plus a few other key ratlings
hey, mebbe dear Ivanka makes the last run
and Melania.. aboard SS Trumpho's last trip

I can see Mikey Pence shouting 'sail ho !'
and helping direct fire at any lifeboats
containing sentient life.. if there are any
No.. there will be no survivors

ho ho ho n a bottle of rum
dead men tell no tales
'Lost At Sea' sums up the Trump Expedition
It was exhausted from all the winning
and went down with all tiny hands, so bravely

The Mound of Sound said...

Word is getting out that she chose to resign after getting taken to the woodshed by Trump yesterday for admitting to the House Intelligence Committee that she sometimes told "white lies" on behalf of the White House. Apparently the Mango Mussolini can be a real shit when he's attacking those within his inner circle.