Tuesday, February 27, 2018

We'll Take Whatever We Want. The Rest, That's Jordan's Problem.

Make no mistake. Justin Trudeau and, through him, Canada are complicit in this.

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, 41, is second-in-command in the ardently Zionist, right-wing Jewish Home party, which draws the bulk of its support from the more than 400,000 Israeli settlers living in the West Bank.

She is an outspoken advocate of annexing parts of the West Bank territory that Palestinians hope to obtain for a future state. Just this week, a government committee she heads approved a bill that aims to extend the jurisdiction of Israel’s district courts over a portion of the West Bank she wants Israel to annex.

If this legislation becomes law, it would prevent Palestinians from petitioning Israel’s High Court over land disputes with the settlements, a development Palestinians fear will weaken their cause and strengthen Israel’s control of the land.

The report, from the Washington Post, is a little bizarre. The idea that Palestinians hope to "obtain" territory in the West Bank. They don't have to obtain it. It's theirs. It always has been. Israel is an occupying power, the only one that seems to imagine it is exempt from international law. But I digress.

Shaked makes no bones about her plans to remake Israel's top courts into a decidedly more complacent judiciary when it comes to Israeli land-grabs and possible expulsion of Palestinians.

As for the parts of the West Bank Israel doesn't steal, Shaked says its Palestinian occupants can bugger off and merge with Jordan.

Shaked says the time to strike is now while Donald Trump is in the White House. Canada, which wouldn't say shit it if had a mouthful when it comes to the Palestinians and their lands, is equally complicit in its support of Israel.


Trailblazer said...

The Federal Tories have said they support the USA move of their embassy to Jerusalem.
There is no shame left in this world of religious groups using politics to impose their nasty view of the world upon the rest of us.
Yet at the same time the cry discrimination of their views!!


e.a.f. said...

It could be said that this younger generation of Israeli's learnt something from the Pre WW II Nazis. Not good things, but things. perhaps it is time the Court in the Hague had a good look at the boys and girls running Israel these days. Seems like there are a lot of similarities, at least based on what my parents told us about those pre WW II times.