Sunday, March 20, 2016

American Politics - by Flavour

American politics comes in flavours - Republican, Left of Republican, and Progressive. Republican also comes in two styles - crazy (without sprinkles) and bat shit crazy (extra sprinkles). The BSC candidate is the Orange Behemoth. The merely crazy candidate is a religious nutjob, Ted Cruz.

Left of Republican (LoR) is a term that describes the establishment Democratic Party. Their candidate is Hillary Clinton. She is the establishment candidate. Hillary's most important quality in this election is her gender. America has gone too long without a woman in the White House. Too bad the first woman to have a decent shot at it is Hillary.

No matter how she pretends otherwise, Hillary is not a progressive. That's not how she rolls. Think of her as America's Rona Ambrose if Ambrose was smart - which, by the way, she isn't. Hillary is the LoR candidate.

Then there's a Progressive who is challenging LoR Hillary for the Democratic nomination. That would be Bernie Sanders. The senator for Vermont is considered a radical left winger which really just shows how far America has drifted to the radical right. It's telling that policies grounded in basic decency and fairness are denounced as radical.

I'd like to see Bernie win because I ascribe to Progressive beliefs and values. No, not the sort espoused by the Liberal Party - there's nothing progressive in selling billions of dollars of death-dealing war wagons to a blatant war criminal/state sponsor of terrorism. There's nothing progressive in backing the Tories' motion to condemn the Boycott/Divest/Sanction movement to oppose the Israeli government's flagrant abuses. There's nothing progressive in the Liberals support for bitumen export expansion. No, the Liberals aren't progressive and they keep showing us that.


the salamander said...

.. Canadian politics include winners, losers & complete asshats ..
more n more making it up as they go..

On Foreign Affairs we're way out there .. incoherent over Israel
Environment we're not even coherent .. just in dreamland
Resources - completely out of touch, sellouts to our dear friends in China
Public Service - A failed state, stalled, twisted ..
Courts ? Dear Gawd.. its complikated.. gee thanks Stevie n Sack o Hammers Peter McKay
Spying - we're complete liars idiots incompetant.. CSIS sold us out long ago
Policing ? RCMP a laughing stock.. We shoot the mentally disturbed.. many many shots
Finance ? Robbed Vets, Seniors for phony surplus honoring Saint Flaherty
Defense ? Our boats don't float - so F-35's will swim.. eh ? Oh, Coast Guard ?
Fisheries ? See Resources & Energy (who needs fish anyway?) Its all about the bitumen ..
Religion ? See Harper Novak Kenney Scheer & last breath Arthur Hamilton
Agriculture ? Well that's farmed salmon now.. or infected mad cows. Thanks Stevie/Ray !
Lumber ? Caught the last boat to China

Shall we talk about Journalism or Mainstream Media ? NEB ?
See all the above ..

Repeat or holler 'Canadian Values' !
And hum oh canada
while plunging off cliffs with rest of the lemmings

Anonymous said...

The senator for Vermont is considered a radical left winger which really just shows how far America has drifted to the radical right.

America has drifted!!
Canada marches along with that statement step by step.
Read the columnists in any Canadian rag; better still read the comments of those rags and you will see no difference between the Canadian and America contributor.
Canadians are no better informed upon current events than their US counterparts; they just pretend to be superior.
The Brits are no better; perhaps it's an Anglo thing.

astone said...

Sorry mound