Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rob Ford Dead

Rob Ford succumbed to cancer at age 46


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Anonymous said...

He was a good human being.
Establishment threw mud at him because he was not their man.

Anonymous said...

He was a horrible human being and a terrible mayor.

Anonymous said...

A..non 4:16 - Good human beings don't allow those around them to suffer the way Rob Ford did. One of the people he smoked crack with in the video is dead, one other is in prison. He publicly humiliated his wife and police had to respond to disturbance complaints at his residence on more than one occasion. Threatened a reporter who was on the property behind his residence. Challenged people to fights while inebriated at sporting events when he was a Councillor and when he was Mayor. Employed Sandro Lisi as a "fixer." Fired staff who tried to council him when he was in the midst of addiction. I'd trying hard to see the good in all that but I'm having a difficult time.

mr perfect