Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jindal May Be Gone But Brownback Still Has Work to Do.

As Louisiana tries to crawl out of the post-apocalyptic chaos left behind by the Bobby Jindal days, Kansas is still racing to the bottom.

Like Jindal, Kansas governor Sam Brownback has trashed his state's economy in an ideological bout of tax-cutting lunacy. Now, with Kansas on the ropes, Brownback's minions have a new target - the rule of law.

In particular they're vexed by judges who meddle in bad legislation passed by the state Republican legislature. How dare judges strike down laws because they're illegal?

The remedy is to impeach any judge who acts contrary to the wishes of the legislature or the governor.  A new bill creates an offence of "attempting to usurp the power" of the legislature or executive branch.

Impeachment has "been a little-used tool" to challenge judges who strike down new legislation, said Republican Sen. Dennis Pyle, a sponsor of the measure. "Maybe it needs to be oiled up a little bit or sharpened a little bit."

In other words, any Judge who strikes down or modifies any law the legislature passes, for any reason-- whether the law is blatantly Unconstitutional, violative of existing laws, or otherwise, is thereby subject to impeachment proceedings by the state Legislature.

The state has been trapped in an economic death grip since Governor Sam Brownback and a feckless cadre of rabidly “conservative” Republican lawmakers controlling asupermajority in both of the state’s legislative chambers instituted unprecedented, radical tax cuts to benefit the richest people in the state, while just as radically guttingpublic services to the state’s citizens, most notably in education.

Sounds just like Louisiana except without all the great cajun cooking and, of course, the jazz.


Anonymous said...

The USA is in a death spiral; much faster than anyone envisioned.
Should either of the Republican candidates win the next US election the demise will only escalate.
My worry is; who will they take with them?
And to add; all the praise the Lord's won't help a bit!

Anonymous said...

Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
I hear the voices when I'm dreaming,
I can hear them say...

Dana said...

If you saw any of his official response to Obama's first SotU back in '09 when he was touted as the Repugnican's great brown hope it was clear the guy is a picnic short of a picnic. Complete fucking dolt of the highest order.

Warning - have a rag handy for your screen. My favourite bit is right at the beginning as Jindal walks out and the guy off camera mutters "Oh God."