Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Maybe Open Carry on the GOP Convention Floor Isn't Such a Bad Idea

Ted Cruz won't support a guy who insults his wife. The Great Orange Behemoth won't support a successful rival, not after the way he's been mauled by the Republican Party apparatus.

In other words the Republican convention might not be a winner-take-all affair but a loser-storms-out fiasco leaving the GOP having to scramble to reunite warring factions in the months leading to the election as the Democratic Party candidate dances on their graves.

Maybe the Cleveland convention floor should go for a Wild West theme and, in the middle, with clear sight lines from the bleachers, they could recreate the OK Corral. There, Trump's gunslingers could square off with Marshall Cruz and his posse and decide the issue in a manly, Republican way - six shooters at ten yards. That should decide the issue. And the Gun Nutz will absolutely love it.


Hugh said...

The US needs a way to get out of the status quo. Is Trump the way out?

The Mound of Sound said...

Would you follow him?

Hugh said...

I don't know, would want to study more.

the salamander said...

.. best they review exactly what 'open carry' weaponry qualifies - u der the Constitution.. Last I looked, 'sporting rifles' with full semi mags - scoped & with muzzle flash suppression & shoulder strap clips for extra mags are the current rage.. add a little kevlar body armor and you're ready to 'discuss policy' .. non ? Sidearms on either hip & ideally a hideout pistol in an ankle holster. Of course, depending on what's in season one might have a bandolier with more clips over one shoulder - hate to be caught low on ammo when going after the nefarious urban whitetail deer, scary wary squirrels.. or coon .. any hey - you never can tell if Noriega might try a suprise attack eh ?

Hugh said...

The US has had establishment-approved presidents for decades, look where it's got them:

Endless war.
Massive growing debt.
Too-big-to-fail banks causing fraud-induced financial meltdowns.
The Patriot Act, which resulted from the questionable 9/11 disaster.
Offshored jobs.
Military out of control.
Stagnant wages.
Possibly more sovereignty-destroying trade deals such as TPP.

I think they've had enough.