Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Remind Me Why Exactly It's Not an Apartheid State?

Let's talk ethnic cleansing in the forced expulsion sense. A new poll finds that nearly half of Israeli Jews want their country to expel its 1.6 million citizens of Palestinian origin. These are Israeli citizens, albeit very second-class Israeli citizens, who are Arabs not Jews.

Jewish public opinion is divided on whether Israel can serve as a homeland for Jews while also accommodating the country’s Arab minority. Nearly half of Israeli Jews say Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, including roughly one-in-five Jewish adults who strongly agree with this position.

...Israeli Arabs are highly skeptical about the sincerity of the Israeli government in seeking a peace agreement, while Israeli Jews are equally skeptical about the sincerity of Palestinian leaders. But there is plenty of distrust to go around: Fully 40% of Israeli Jews say their own government is not making a sincere effort toward peace, and an equal share of Israeli Arabs say the same about Palestinian leaders.

Neither Jewish nor Arab Israelis think there's any real prospect of a two state solution to the Palestinian problem. Given the history of the past half-century that's a safe bet. Meanwhile Israel simply continues to appropriate (steal) Palestinian lands in the illegally occupied territories which is just another form of ethnic cleansing. And all of our leaders, Trudeau, that Tory hairpiece, and Mulcair stand mute.


Anonymous said...

BDS - Boycott, Divest and Sanction. It's the only way we can get Israel to take the high road. The only problem? No one in the west has the spine to push for it.

The Mound of Sound said...

I stumbled upon an account of remarks made by Hillary last summer. She supports a 2-state solution but says that has to be done by the parties and cannot be imposed by the international community, outsiders. Maybe Hillary doesn't realize that the state of Israel itself was imposed on the Palestinians against their wishes and without their consent by outsiders, the international community.

There is no one but the international community who can forge a peace. That means an international force to keep Palestinians and Israelis from each others' throats for at least a generation and the restoration of the Palestinian territories to the original borders whether Israel likes it or not. Yes, that means a willingness to use force as a last resort.

Anonymous said...

"that Tory hairpiece" ??? I thought Harper was gone.

The Mound of Sound said...

On no, I meant Mona "Big Hair" Ambrose.