Thursday, March 24, 2016

How Pending Trade Deals Could Tie Our Hands on Climate Change

How much of your government do you want run by fossil fuel giants? How much of what remains of our national sovereignty do you want Justin Trudeau to surrender without so much as a fight?

A new report from the Sierra Club contends that the Trans Pacific Partnership and it's trans-Atlantic counterpart spell big trouble. Any hope of keeping fossil fuels in the ground, without which we're pretty much - oh, what's the word - yeah, dead could be lost.


Anonymous said...

If I could see this coming everyone else should!
It's a get out of jail card by all signatories of the agreement to do business as usual.
How the bastards can look at the public with a straight face and say this is good beats me.
To add insult to injury they, the bastards, will promote a carbon tax with which to prop up the coffers to subsidise the oil and gas industry.

Hugh said...

The BC government is 'carbon neutral' because it forces the public schools and hospitals to purchase bogus carbon offsets.

The same BC government is pushing for LNG export.

Unknown said...

"For the first time the TPP and TTIP would enable some of the worlds largest fuel firms to use ISDS to challenge U.S. policies to keep fossil fuels in the ground, including restrictions on fracking, off shore drilling, federal fossil fuel leasing and dirty pipelines." Trudeau has already shown that he can support unconstitutional agreements. Ralph Nader called the TPP "the biggest power grab ever." The ISDS clause was INTENTIONALLY put into these "trade" deals precisely so these Corporations CAN bypass Nation states laws, policies and regulations, after all they are the ones who wrote these deals.We have allowed our governments to have the power if they so wish to sign away our sovereignty. We must fight this and in so doing take back our government. Would Trudeau surrender our sovereignty and have our government run by Fossil Fuel giants? From the decisions I've seen him make so far, I would say yes he would! Unless he and his government are truly accountable to Canadians in every step of the decision process, nothing will change. And no, Canada is not back! Thanks for the link to the article. It was excellent. Scary, but excellent.