Wednesday, March 23, 2016


What do the Fraser Institute and climate change have in common? To B.C. premier, Christy Clark, the answer seems to be "plenty."

Clark has been looking for a new deputy climate minister. Her choice speaks volumes for Clark's integrity and the perilous future that awaits our province. Our new deputy climate minister is Fazil Mihlar, ex-Fraser alum, who, "co-authored a paper that among other things, advised British Columbia to do away with its environmental assessment act."

The Fraser Institute has a track record of denying the science of climate change. In 2012, the Vancouver Observer learned that since 2007, the American oil billionaires, the Koch brothers, had donated nearly a $1M to the “charitable” Fraser Institute. The Koch brothers control as much as two-million acres of Alberta’s tar sands.

Mihlar is expected to lead the province’s engagement with the public, industry, environmental groups and other levels of government over the creation of B.C.’s new Climate Leadership Plan.

Shane Gunster, a Simon Fraser University professor in the School of Communications who has studied the B.C. government’s relation to the LNG industry, said Mihlar’s appointment is drawing a lot of concern.

“To bring someone with that kind of pedigree into this role really suggests that the goal of Christy Clark is going to be trying to make sure climate policy doesn’t interfere with the real priorities of the government, which is developing LNG and other fossil fuel opportunities,” Gunster said.

Sounds like hiring a known flasher to be a crossing guard for a Catholic girls school.


Hugh said...

BC Hydro owns a natural gas-powered electricity generating plant (Burrard Thermal) which it is not allowed to use (except in certain circumstances), supposedly due to its CO2 emissions.

Yet the BC govt thinks it's ok to export LNG, which is liquefied by burning natural gas, across 7,000 km of Pacific Ocean, on CO2-emitting tanker ships, to Asia where it would be burned.

The Mound of Sound said...


Hugh said...

Allowing BC Hydro to use Burrard Thermal would eliminate the GHG emissions associated with liquefying and transporting LNG.

The proposed LNG plant at Woodfibre in Howe Sound would be powered by BC Hydro, which we are told makes it 'clean LNG'.

It just means that more fracked BC natural gas could be exported to Asia, where it is all burned anyway.

Anonymous said...

How do we get Canadians on board verbally regarding Free Trade?