Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hillary Has a Point

It could be Hillary Clinton's best ever one-liner, her advice to troubled Republicans:

"Once you make the extreme normal, you open the door to even worse." Well played, Hillary.

“Donald Trump didn’t come out of nowhere,” Clinton said in a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “What Republicans have sown with their extremist tactics, they’re now reaping with Trump’s candidacy.”


Hugh said...


-Opposed to terrible trade deals such as TPP.
-Says he would bring back US jobs which have been offshored.
-Says he would re-open 9/11 investigation.
-Opposed to the war in Iraq.
-Wants better relations with Russia.

Dana said...

Dana said...


-is a serial liar.

Mark said...

Let's look at Hugh's talking points one by one:

"Opposed to terrible trade deals such as TPP."

The only thing that Trump has offered as to what's wrong with these deals, or what he would do differently, is that he would negotiate better deals, because he's smarter.

Seriously; that's not a straw-man, that's his actual policy statement.

"Says he would bring back US jobs which have been offshored."

His businesses have frequently used undocument immigrant labour, and have also often imported products from companies that have shipped jobs overseas - but once he's President, we can count on him to do things that would costs his own businesses money.


"Says he would re-open 9/11 investigation."

Okay, let's all take a couple of hits of acid, and assume for a moment that 9/11 really was a conspiracy by the Pentagon/the White House/the Jews/the Illuminati, or whatever. Do you really think that another investigation is going to find anything different than the first?

"Opposed to the war in Iraq."

He also wants to kill the families of "terrorists;" keeping in mind, based on the way he talks, he really does not seem to differentiate between Muslims generally, and "terrorists."

"Wants better relations with Russia."

Has also runs ads against Hillary Clinton accusing her of not being able to be be tough against Vladimir Putun.

It always amazes me when progressives (and I admit I am making an assumption, on that point,) try to give Trump credit for saying things that sound progressive.

Given how often he contradicts himself, says things that are way out of line with reality, and frequently throws out random talking points for no other apparent reason that because there are people who believe these things, I truly cannot understand how any thinking person can take anything Trump says seriously.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Dana - yes he is but that doesn't seem to put off his supporters.

@ Mark, thanks for your comments that do seem to expand on Dana's somewhat terse observation. No argument here.

Hugh said...


"The US should never have gone into Iraq, we have destabilized the Mid-East. There were no WMDs."

Sounds reasonable.

Hugh said...

I'm curious about those 28 pages about 9/11 we're not supposed to see.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and her hubby made the extreme normal: taking bribes to deregulate the financial industry. Plus they made Reaganomics the new "centrism."

But I guess Hillary is establishment enough for The Mound to consider her one of the few non-hysterical women out there...

The Mound of Sound said...

Nice one, Anon.

Unknown said...

It's not enough for Hillary to say "making the extreme normal , opens the door for even worse"
She needs to articulate what extremes she's talking about. She needs to provide examples.To just say "making the extreme normal, opens the door for even worse." even though it sound profound it's actually very vague.

VULT CULT said...

A part of me still maintains that Trump is a Hillary strawman -


But that aside, after you read this, you may wonder who really is crazier -


The Mound of Sound said...

@CV SoG - yeah, I've seen those quotes before. It does make you wonder.

West End Bob said...

Speaking of sowing and reaping, could not the same thing be said about the democrats and hillary?!?

Pot = Kettle = Black seems appropriate in this case . . . .

Anonymous said...

Hillary is no Trump. She's more like Junior. Both right-of-center establishment politicians who like to get paid for writing designer legislation that allows rent-seeking plutocrats to loot the economy. It's what they call "creating middle class jobs and growing the economy."

Clearly the emperor wears no clothes. The really big problem comes from thinking forward a couple moves. Like when Obomba owned the 2000s housing/derivatives bust out, giving bankers who caused the mess sweetheart deals, buying up the toxic assets they created for 100 cents on the dollar. He ended up creating the Tea Party movement.

So when Hillary and Junior destroy the North American economy with more looternomimcs to undo all the damage caused by 30 years of looternomics, are we to expect a Republican FDR to step up and offer us a New Deal?

What we'll get is Republican and Conservative revolutions that will plunge the world into chaos.