Monday, September 30, 2019

Globe and Mail in the Pot Business?

I have access to the Globe & Mail as part of a family membership (not mine). Personally I don't find enough in it to justify the cost of a separate subscription.

I did find something a bit curious today. The Globe seems to have found a niche in the cannabis business. It's called "The Report on Business, Cannabis" and you have to shell out more cash if you want it.

No, not hardly. Thanks.

Not being a "Cannabis Professional" I won't get the insider skinny on why Canada's industrial pot growers are down to just 6-months of cash reserves or why Gene Simmons weed venture is on the verge of failing. Who knew? Who cares?

Then again, if the industrial weed machine is wobbling, there's not much point in shelling out for a subscription, is there?


Northern PoV said...

Jr took Harper's ridiculous corporate model for medical cannabis and just added the word 'recreational' to it.
btw, more cannabis offences on the books today than prior to 'legalization'

California has more that 3000 registered growers. Canada? Less than 200.

For a good laugh, look at SEDAR public filings for Canopy, Aurora etc etc
Compare "funded capacity" (ie reported in the headlines) to actual yields and then to actual sales.

Built to fail because of scale. (and over-regulation)

Has anyone heard the word "cannabis" or "marijuana" on the 2019 campaign trail?

rumleyfips said...

O/T and a video isn't proof but interesting in light of the oil refinery attack, the killing of a royal bodyguard and the train station fire.

The author makes a point about Canadian LAV's , to be used for domestic protection only , being driven away to Yemin.

the salamander said...

.. well uh.. that depends, Mound
You might rethink or have a 2nd coming re pot.. Hell, you live in the right terroir and province for it. I myself have a long long history around drugs, legal or illegal.. a lot was professional, some was recreational.. Perhaps I should start an opinion and advice site.. Ask The Salamander..

Haha.. Its to laugh watching the stumblebums who the upper crust deemed worthy of permits.. or investment.. or whatever, the former RCMP or politicos.. They can't make a profit, indeed are failing and flailing in their blue suits and toe cap bespoke leather shoes. They know as much about the growing and selling of pot as they know about growing potatoes or malpeque oysters.. or the milking of cows. They're the new bumpkins falling off the turnip wagon.. but sip on their single malts or Chocolate Mint martinis like bloodsuckers.

I must look into the legality of magic mushrooms.. I do hate being out of date.. Back in the day we all knew what those folks were doing out in the flat grass by the Vancouver airport.. it was a shrine to psilocybin magic mushroom & as far as I knew, legal to harvest but not to comsume.. haha.. Banff was a funnel, a cornucopia of anything and everything organic.. and shrooms eveal bought from Quebecois passing through

Trailblazer said...

Perhaps the slow acceptance, of marijuana, by the government was to facilitate those in high places getting their share ahead of others .
Regulations for many things are not done for the public good , they are done to protect special interests such as current markets .
Can we say, big pharma.


Anonymous said...

In Ontario the snail's pace is protecting the incumbents i.e. the bikers