Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The United States Navy Now Says "Yep, They're Real"

They're no longer UFOs, unidentified flying objects. To the United States Navy, the craft captured by F-18 targeting sensors are UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomenon.

The Pentagon has admitted these mysterious frequent flyers have been entering American military airspace regularly for some time. They've been tracked on infra-red sensors. They've been tracked on radar. They've been seen by USN fighter pilots. They've been detected singly and in groups. They have no wings or control surfaces. There are no visible signs of propulsion, no exhaust, nothing. They can outperform any known aircraft and can maneuver in ways no human body could withstand.

They're real but even all the resources of the US military can't determine what they are or how to keep them out of US airspace.


Anonymous said...

There's a video of former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer admitting aliens are among us up on YouTube.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, I recall that.

Anonymous said...

If there are "others" moving around in air space on earth, they don't want to touch down that is for sure. It or they certainly aren't tall slanty eyed, bald headed males either for that is a figment of the male mind.

Adam Jon said...

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